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Project Name: Interstate 25 North Express Lanes Project

Project Date: 12/13/2018 to 01/21/2019

Location: Fort Collins, CO

Partners: SEMA Construction, Kramer/IHC Joint Venture, Colorado DOT

Customer Group(s):

  • Public Agencies (Pavement System Owners): FHWA, State DOTs, Tollway Authorities

  • Pavement Engineering Consultants

  • Earthwork/Grading Contractors

  • Pavement Contractors

Ingios Engineers Involved: David J. White, Pavana Vennapusa, Lake Carter, Heath Gieselman



Resilient Modulus Map

Challenge: Colorado DOT required implementation of Intelligent Compaction (IC) for assessment of the quality of the mechanically stabilized aggregate base layer during construction and in situ resilient modulus (Mr) testing for quality assurance (QA). Initially, test sections were constructed by the Earthwork Contractor to establish correlation between dry unit weight and index-value based IC measurements. Low statistical confidence in correlations and lack of calibration measurements and Mr values used in design and QA, lead to challenges with establishing reliable outputs

Solution: Ingios® Geotechnics, Inc. addressed project challenges being faced by the Earthwork Contractor with a multi-faceted solution of services, training, and technology deployment.

Ingios deployed COMP-Score® RT (CRT) enabled vibratory smooth drum roller technology and performed calibration testing using stress-dependent cyclic Mr with automated plate load testing (APLT). A professional engineering calibration record was produced that demonstrated high statistical confidence (R2 > 0.9) in the Mr values reported by the CRT equipped roller. A web application was setup for the contractor to auto-generate e-Compaction reports with quality metrics that assisted in go/no-go decisions, within minutes of generating a map. Hands on training to operators and project engineers on roller operations and an Ingios Project Engineer provided 24/7 on-call support to ensure smooth progress of the project. Ingios portion of the project lasted about 2 months.

Benefits: Ingios solutions benefitted the client by improving and optimizing the QC/QA processes that ensured field verification of the pavement design input parameters with direct measurements. Cost savings are realized with time savings in making real-time go/no-go decisions without the need of time spent on analyzing the data or waiting for a point test measurement.

Lessons Learned from Implementing Advanced Compaction Monitoring at CCR Landfills Storage Facilities
Lessons Learned from Implementing Advanced Compaction Monitoring at CCR Landfills Storage Facilities
Ground Improvement Verification for New Building
Ground Improvement Verification for New Building
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