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Validate the compaction and stabilization while maximizing value. COTA connects material specific and critical engineering parameters. 

Cost Optimization Testing and Analysis (COTA) is a lab and field based service to connect geomaterial-specific parameters to a project’s critical engineering specifications. The data validates the compaction and stabilization process while also maximizing value using detailed compaction effort analysis. Improvements to geomaterial via compaction effort, moisture content, stabilization additives, geosynthetics, and various combinations of materials require careful selection in the design phase. COTA is a multi-step process customized to the project needs involving:

  1. Understanding of the design requirements.

  2. Identifying geomaterial options and collecting samples.

  3. Characterizing the samples in or Geomaterials Performance Lab.

  4. Verifying the field results.


Cost Optimization Testing and Analysis

Construction vehicles flattening dirt

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