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A highly mobile testing unit that verifies ground stiffness and plate deformation during traffic loading simulation.

The Automated Plate Load Testing (APLT) equipment is a highly-mobile unit that tests existing ground stiffness conditions. Also known as in situ modulus, APLT determines plate deformation during simulation of traffic loading. The APLT uses static and cyclic loadings to verify critical engineer parameters using mechanistic pavement design or structural fills. Ingios® has performed 1,000+ tests since its inception and established APLT as the gold standard for in situ load-deformation test reporting. APLT technology has been used on projects with Illinois Tollway Authority, Iowa Department of Transportation, Minnesota Department of Transportation, Caltrans, Colorado Department of Transportation, Texas Department of Transportation, Georgia Department of Transportation, Tennessee Valley Authority, Indiana Department of Transportation, and many others. We continue to develop APLT technical capabilities for testing subgrade, aggregate base, stabilized materials, and pavements layers. Load magnitude, load duration and shape, dwell time, and loading frequency are controlled and customized to the test application. Ingios has developed new constitutive models used by engineers to integrate this data into the project design.


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