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Geomaterials Performance Laboratory

Our lab work and unique capabilities ensure your site, roads, and storage facilities are built right the first time. The Geomaterials Performance Lab, located in Lakeville, Minnesota, tests engineering performance parameters for a wide range of geomaterials, including aggregates, soils, geosynthetics, stabilizers, coal combustion residuals, and recycled materials. Our lab helps our customers better understand geomaterial behavior by characterizing strength, stiffness, resiliency, compatibility, and durability. Materials delivered to our lab can be by the bucket full or dump truck load.

Our lab puts materials under simulations to accelerate and validate the life expectancy before using them in your project. We develop custom equipment and test standards to innovate our industry. Our state-of-the-art mobile COMP-Score® IMAS testing system allows our team to perform static and cyclic tests on numerous types of geomaterials on site. Our laboratory's testing system takes samples and offers up to 1,000,000 load cycles per test with our RDL control system to rapidly simulate trafficking load spectra. Sample sizes can be a maximum of 5 ft diameter x 3 ft thick or 8 ft long x 6 ft wide, x 3 ft deep. The simulation shows how the road material will respond and deform from vehicle trafficking over time without having to wait decades.


Geomaterials Performance Lab

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