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Infrastructure: Highway, Airfields, and Railroads

The financial models are clear that our infrastructure systems involving pavements, railbeds, and airfields must be designed and constructed to last longer, perform better, improve resiliency, and be constructed with sustainable materials and practices. The geomaterials components used in infrastructure construction require improved uniformity and durability, stabilization to last longer, and improvement to resiliency. This includes being resilient to future loading and environmental factors, including extreme storm events. To achieve these milestones in geomaterials engineering and geoconstruction, we must start by building better from the ground up. If subterranean layers are built incorrectly, the only way to fix them is to remove the overlying components, which is often cost-prohibitive. 

State, County, and City municipalities that construct interstates, highways, and roads underlain by reliable foundations perform better and last longer. Ingios is paving the way to ensure reliable and durable roads, starting with the pavement’s foundation. Our life-cycle cost analysis (LCCA) demonstrates how small upfront investments in the pavement foundation layers can equate to significant net present value.





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