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David J. White, Ph.D., PE. founded Ingios® Geotechnics, Inc. after recognizing that the world’s most used construction material (soil and rocks) combined with the most widely used improvement method (compaction), can often be the weak link when it comes to infrastructure performance. Dr. White spent 14 years in academia at Iowa State University researching the full range of problems involving compaction, geomaterials, and pavement systems. Dr. White’s research led to more than 150 technical papers, awards for research and teaching, creation of an interdisciplinary center focused on earthwork construction, and a government agency-industry-academic partnership to field study problems at national scale. Dr. White created a team of research and academic partnerships making use of a world-class mobile geotechnical laboratory to collect data revealing how poor compaction, inadequate measurement, and lack of understanding for how the buried component of infrastructure, though out of sight, has a big impact on performance for the overlying components (pavements). Work has involved testing in more than 25 states involving DOT projects and a project overseas involving DoD operations to assess automated technologies. Dr. White also initiated the inaugural 2015 Conference on Autonomous and Robotic Construction of Infrastructure (proceedings 8-14-2015.pdf ( and was the lead investigator for the FHWA project TPF-5(183) Improving the Foundation Layers for Concrete Pavements (Improving the Foundation Layers for Concrete Pavements: Lessons Learned and a Framework for Mechanistic Assessment of Pavement Foundations Final Report (

By deeply understanding the complex behavior of geomaterials and negative impacts of not building it right, Ingios is finding and creating the technologies needed by agencies to advance the measurement, control, and decision-making process during construction.

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