Ingios Geotechnics


We partner with public agencies, owners, engineers, contractors, and academic institutions to develop and deliver cost-effective and reliable geoconstruction solutions that improve performance and increase the lifespan of projects. We provide engineering services tailored to meet specific project requirements and make use of our innovative technologies and leverage automation to drive quality construction and cost savings.

Field Services and Technologies

Our engineering services and technologies support customer needs to build better, directly measure key performance parameters, and automate e-construction reports. Our services help industry leaders on transportation infrastructure projects, landfill storage facilities, large site development projects, and heavy industrial sites. We provide expert geomaterial, pavement, stabilization, and compaction knowledge to our clients. Our work is primarily in North America, but we also offer services and consulting internationally for selected projects. Because we bring state-of-the-art technologies into engineering services, we provide training and certification programs.  

Our emphasis on performance quality verification and assurance testing and e-construction automation makes use of our COMP-Score® Site Solutions technology platform.

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