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About Us

We are Ingios® Geotechnics, Inc.  



We have been developing geoconstruction technologies since 2015. Our name originates from fusing together words that represent our ideals: being industrious, innovative, ingenious, interesting, geotechnical, and informative.

We are a technical team of civil, geotechnical, pavement, materials, and construction engineers, data scientists, software developers, hardware integrators, algorithm experts, and love-a-big-challenge researchers. We are also an experienced team focused on technology business execution, team development, providing leadership in all phases of our work, and helping our customers with strategy and implementation. We work primarily in North America but consider our solutions and services applicable to large-scale projects world-wide involving geomaterials construction.

Since 2015, we have completed more than 130 projects allowing our customers to experience increased value and longevity for their constructed projects. Our offerings and resources are primarily through engineering services, geomaterials performance lab testing, and implementing our COMP-Score® Technologies. We also get involved with the following additional services:

  • Government sponsored research through consulting and academic partnerships.

  • Development of new construction equipment, geoproduct development and testing, and creation of new data analytic tools in collaboration with partners.

  • Technical training and certification programs through on-site training, virtual education programs, and classroom-based programs.

  • Forensics to help understand what went wrong on complex projects involving pavement/geomaterial problems.


Our Mission:


We are committed to advancing innovative, geoconstruction technologies and providing expert, field engineering services empowering customers to build better efficiently and confidently in real-time.


Our Purpose:


Enable our customers to deliver more cost-effective and reliable geomaterial and geoconstruction solutions to projects.


Our Core Values:



We work with our industry partners in an open exchange of ideas


We bring a diverse team of innovative thinkers together to create the latest advances in geoconstruction technology.


We are bold. We are driven. But we remain flexible and open to feedback.


We are trusted engineering advisors with a strong reputation for accuracy

and honesty.


Our team members have been instrumental in developing transformative geoconstruction solutions in the United States for over 20 years.


We are a team of the best engineers, analysts, and technicians in the geoconstruction industry.


We provide high-value solutions for every infrastructure and site-planning project.

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