Company Overview

Ingios Geotechnics, Inc. (Ingios) specializes in the development of innovative technologies to improve geoconstruction practices. Specializing in implementation of state-of-the-art systems for infrastructure and site development projects, Ingios offers advanced testing, monitoring and data analytic services for pavement foundations, embankment construction and site development, to provide design cost-savings and construction and long-term performance risk reduction for project stake-holders.

Ingios provides these services throughout North America with particular focus on Design-Build, Public Private Partnership and Private Industry projects.

Qualifications and Experience

Ingios team members have been instrumental in the development and advancement of geoconstruction technologies in the United States over the last two decades. Specific to infrastructure, representatives have extensive experience with in situ testing of pavement foundation materials, intelligent compaction, and stabilization with more than 150 technical papers and reports published on pavement foundation related topics. Ingios brings expertise in engineering, training, cutting-edge research, development of specifications, and field implementation of technology.