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COMP-Score® RT

Transform traditional compaction machines into verified measurement systems that monitor the construction process and engineering quality in real-time.

CRT roller mapping measurement technologies turn traditional compaction machines into verified measurement systems to monitor construction process control and improve engineering quality. Ingios developed CRT technology consisting of a high-powered computer, a sophisticated sensor package, mobile communication, and a large display screen installed directly on the contractor’s roller. The CRT technology allows the roller operator to see the collected data from mapping runs in real-time. Variations of the CRT include the RT-S for a smooth drum, the RT-P for a padfoot drum, the RT-X (in development) for pull-behind units, and the RT-HMA (in development) for asphalt. CRT technology delivers outputs (e.g., resilient modulus and moisture content) based on professional engineering calculation using easy to understand statistical analysis that eliminates input/output “black box” concerns. Ingios® full sensor signal inputs are recorded and stored for independent verification and quality assurance audits.


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