Using APLT to provide in-situ testing or combined use of VICM coupled with APLT verification delivers substantial value to site development and infrastructure projects.




Ingios Geotechnics is rapidly improving the geoconstruction processes for infrastructure and site development design and construction processes by offering our customers state-of-the-art, proprietary pavement foundation and construction measurement services using Automated Plate Load Testing (APLT) and Validated Integrated Compaction Monitoring (VICM) technologies.


Benefits of Implementing Ingios Technologies

  • Advanced foundation pavement testing for optimized pavement sections
  • Field verification of pavement design values using APLT calibration and testing.
  • Implementation of VICM mapping to virtually eliminate non-compliance and long-term performance risk for earthwork operations for infrastructure and site development projects.
  • Delivery of advanced analytics for real-time visualization.
  • Establish field communications and compaction improvement plans (CIP) to improve contractor process control.
  • Rapid identification of any non-compliant zones while they can be cost-effectively addressed.
  • Enhanced long-term reliability through improved uniformity resulting from extensive monitoring.