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Industrial Yard Expansion

Project Name: Industrial Yard Expansion

Project Date: 09/14/2020 to 09/15/2020

Location: Little Rock, Arkansas

Partners: Tensar International, Inc., McGeorge Contracting, Garver USA, and Grubbs, Hoskyn, Barton & Wyatt, Inc.

Customer Group(s):

  • Earthwork/Grading Contractors

  • Material Vendors (geo products)

Ingios Engineers Involved: David White, Pavana Vennapusa, Bruce Cunningham


Tech briefs:

Automated Plate Load Test

Modulus Verification Mapping Using COMP-ScoreTM RT

Challenge: The Welspun storage yard was being expanded over 18 acres and houses metal coils weighing between 30 and 45 metric tons.  The laydown yard is surfaced with gravel and will be routinely trafficked by a Taylor “Big Red” TE925S reach stacker with a loaded weight of ~129 kips. Tensar provided a design solution for the project by incorporating geogrid stabilized layers to support the reach stacker loading, but verification was needed for the assumed design values in situ.  

Solution: Ingios addressed the project challenge being faced by the design team by reviewing the design information, performed engineering analysis to develop a project specific plan for verification of the design input parameters, and deploying COMP-Score® RT (CRT) enabled vibratory smooth drum roller. The CRT roller was calibrated on-site using APLT, to provide stress-dependent resilient modulus and permanent deformation (rutting) values. A professional engineering calibration record was produced demonstrating high statistical confidence (R2 > 0.9) in the values reported by the CRT equipped roller. About 9 acres of the laydown yard was mapped in 5 hours to provide 100% coverage of the modulus and permanent deformation values.

Benefits: Ingios solutions benefitted the client by directly measuring the as-constructed conditions and providing verification that design requirements were achieved. The client benefited from the knowledge gained from this project in further optimizing future design processes and the associated quality assurance (QA) process recommendations.

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