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Project Name: S Riverfront Dr Test Sections

Project Date: 07/29 to 07/31/2020

Location: Mankato, MN

Partners: Minnesota Department of Transportation, Iowa State University, WW Blacktopping, Inc.

Customer Group(s):

  • Public Agencies (Pavement System Owners): FHWA, State DOTs, Tollway Authorities

  • Pavement Contractors

Ingios Engineers Involved: Colby Van Nimwegen, Heath Gieselman, David White, Pavana Vennapusa


Tech briefs:

Automated Plate Load Test

Pavement Mechanistic-Empirical (ME) Design Verification using APLT Testing

Modulus Verification Mapping Using COMP-ScoreTM RT

Challenge: MnDOT built test sections as part of the MnDOT Project NS555 research project in collaboration with Iowa State University. One of the primary goals of the research project was to evaluate the structural effectiveness of geotextiles/geogrids in roadway construction.

Solution: Ingios® deployed the APLT to directly measure the in situ stress-dependent resilient modulus (Mr) of the different geotextile/geogrid test sections. In addition, Ingios also deployed a pre-calibrated COMP-Score® RT (CRT) enabled vibratory smooth drum roller to provide modulus verification over the test section areas and beyond.

APLT provides resilient modulus measurements and overcomes the limitations and uncertainties associated with indirect and empirical methods. APLT is a point measurement, however, and only represents a small test area. The CRT modulus maps compliment the APLT data by providing full coverage to document the as-built foundation support conditions and a link to pavement performance in the future.

Benefits: The CRT mapping results are based on a Professional Engineering documentation of calibration with direct measurement of in situ resilient modulus with evidence of quantified statistical confidence (with R2 > 0.9) in the results. Using the directly measured in situ support information, the contractor is provided with real-time QA information and pavement designers at MnDOT can use the foundation support values to monitor the long-term performance and refine/optimize their design procedures.

Lessons Learned from Implementing Advanced Compaction Monitoring at CCR Landfills Storage Facilities
Lessons Learned from Implementing Advanced Compaction Monitoring at CCR Landfills Storage Facilities
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